Windows Mobile may win the :"you-do-mark-your-money"

It's "i-do-mark-my-money" too, by screen 4G3W. Depending of Sonny, Nokia, Google, Vodafone and others "petits suisses" ! The New Tech allows to datevalue the money on-line4G3W-owner-datevalors-account.In the near future "You-do-mark-your-money" and "I-do-mark-my-money", b-cause it is for the biggest utility in your economic live.But first of all, the matter is on the hands of the Central Banks Worldwide.As soon as possible, the new motor to push individual savings is there under some rights reserved at the conception. But the moon is also for everybody.Nokia is a big nature. Connecting people...but without money on the screen ? I dont believe it. Business is going on : _connecting people & linking-marked-money_. Out of the market ! For you b-cause, it is cash by phone and : Out of any risk ! The New Economy 4G3W If you get a new economic space where performing your economic live by a new gesture upon the money,you can resolve your personal economy. And by the way it is the world economic solution. Out of World Economic Forum in the yearly Symposium at Davos. Of course, first of all it was necessary to find a type of production that appears to be on a very short cycle & different of the classics: Liquidity-inversion-production-incoming-Liquidity I propose first of all, to understand this question, that i know : Liquidity-production-Liquidity or Cash-production-Cash Within investment ; within any risk .

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