You and the money datevaluation

By the practice of the money datevaluation you will be able to make webpowered added value in cash phasis. The money datevaluation practice is the first investment’s substitute to purchase plusvalues. It is the 100% safe mode for running personalized savings in a self_marked_webspace. Your personal webcashmotor is delivered for free by the WUW The Webcash_Universocial_Web. Then webfishing, your webcashmotor star to run in Economy 4G3W linking money-to-money for webcashmatic plusvalues and much-more-money for your personal economic performance.


Go Cash and Roll Cash for Cash results

Roll Cash for Cash results

You-do-mark-your-money just with your better webdate, then webfishing your webcashmotor start to run in Economy 4G3W. It is so easy. You know that the first investment's substitute is the money datevaluation. The difference is the webcashmatic plusvalues process running in cash phasis. And by this cash in your hand - the cashkeeping mode - you keep vash and out of all classic market risks. Because when you cashput 10€, you keep the right for 10€ cashcall at any time, so you go cash and you stay cash making webcashmatic plusvalues by free production factors ads. At your free choice you may even tagvaporate if you like more wealth speed. Also the datevaluation practice is the natural mode to personalize your webpowered money. To keep your own bank-financial power. By the fusion of each 10€ parcel with your timestock in your webcashaccount you get the registered property of 1 Owndated Webquantum. Because as datevalors you are owner. Of your money webturning of course you do. Of your savings time first of all you are sure in it cash results rights value. Because in Economy 4G3W your economic life must go up forever. Webpowered and 100% safe, 100% free, 100% for your own economic performance.


Santa Clara Mousephone_4G3W

My cellphone ask me : pocket-screen-mouse, please ! Sure you need to datevalue some money and enter in the 4G3W Economy. It's by screen 4G3W. Any. But this not so relax. Because if you try over your cellphone screen, you must pay to much attention. That'is why you must ask Motorola or Nokia - perhaps Google, Microsoft or Cisco - for a mousephone in your screenpocket 4G3W. Oh why you dont ask it at Santa Clara or San José ? Do you need better cashkeeping ? Your are Ok but do something, because to collaborate is under secret here down : http://www.codeproject.com/useritems/Mousephone_4G3W.asp Subscribe to Windows Mobile may win the :You-do-Mark-your-Money on your cell phone Subscribe to Os meus amigos fieis on your cell phone


Your economic life going up for ever

Your economic life is going up for ever Because you-do-mark-your-money with your date. Marking your money with the best moment to join the Web Engine Automatic World Production. Very easy over your cellphone or another 4G3W screen. Nokia-Siemens, Yahoo-Google, Microsoft-Live or others. This is the best away to get the property of the webmatic personal production factors recorded in your 4G3W account. That personal production factors stay working for you, without any cost. Like a lucky websaving motor. Because when you datevalue your money, you take your datevalor in your datevalors account. Cashkeeping. Riskfree. Worldmatic connected action-to-action, money-for-money. -Well, ok…but me ?! You ? Look your 4G3W screen : .Ask where are your last profit & see your going up speed ; ..Take the tour of your Personal field , your datevalors account ; …Put, if you like to mark more money to increase yours webmatic production factors ; ….Call, if you like bank money converting for free with any tax ; …..Deal with the insurance of the web-security-belt, it means : only to win ! That’s why you prefer more-&-more to be a datevalor and less-&-less an investor. In the Classic Economy your action over the money where limited. The economic vitamine _ the plus values _was reserved for investors . Only the investment were able to produce such plus values at the end of the process liquidity-investment-production-invoicing-liquidity. Usually the quality and the security of the production factors stay a broke-head in the Classic Economy. That’s why you must change from the broking-head Classic Economy with the risk of the investment for plus values. And you must try the substitute of the investment for cool-head plus values in the Economy 4G3W. By screen you feel good because your economic live is going up for ever.


Why the cash become the substitute of the investment ?

The cash as substitute of the investment ? Because your world is connected. People is connected, you are connected. Your cash must be connected to delivery plusvalues like an investment but… cashkeeping of course. Because the world is on-line…you are on-line and you input by cellphone at your way. Like Frankie would do without care of investment risk. You let the investment action for professional job. Currently you prefer to datevalue your money by your own communication motor for the world. Directly you put or you call your own money-motor-moment. Yes, everything on the screen. Everybody with everything on the spot, at the market world wide. Who ? You too. Where ? In the new economic space 4G3W. If with my cash and just marking my money with the date of my economic action, I save, I enjoy and I win webmatic plusvalues, why should I to invest my money ?


The beta-investment is the cash !

Oh yes, the beta-investment, the mysterious substitute of the investment, is the cash. Because the money datevaluation is cashkeeping. The practice of the 4th economic gesture solve the classic economy limited at one way choice : to save, to spend or to invest. You must do with this.Three roads to compute your economic life.You loose your power because the 3 equations are one against the other and not linked. In 4G3W New Economy when you datevalue,you enter 10€ of your money just marked now with your economic web moment. It means the moment you implement cash-keeping- cash in 4G3W. You push the economy but you stay cash, because you dont invest any money you just datevalue it. You just work with 2 buttoms as a choice left & right or (i dont need/i need), it means : cash-in/cash-out. And you add, + your communication motor (cellphone or others) + your economic moment in the web. I put and i call absolutely free when i want. Also if i prefer i take the automatic plusvalues. Because i do substitute the investment as i can do it. It must be,without any risk. My datevalors account is like this.Full stop ! And, ciao ciao banks and bankers. I'm just one datevalors. I'm just rolling-cash .Because i perform much better my economic life. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.


Defending my money : I mark it 4G3W

Come to the New Economy 4G3W First of all we may understand what is that goal : If in classic economy we must choice to allow the money for one of three fields : 1 To save, for security ;2 To spend, for enjoy the life ;3 To invest, for reproduction we stay limited, because these fields dont share between them. If you have 1€ you must choice in what of the fields you put it. If you need the cocktail, what not-mistake can you do ? Now the solution is "to datevalue" the money. It means : "you-do-mark-your-money" marking it with the better date that you get. This, when you put it in the general economy ( you are sharing your economic power..eh!!!). Because you want keep your cash force and when you call it, you must need a normal profit. A real profit for you. Not an interest in rate basis, because that is under the wave. Bank savings dont go ! Now : With this 4th economic gesture that is a substitut of the investment, you get the cocktail of the 3 old economic gestures. Because you get plusvalues over the cash & you roll-cash-over-webmatic-plusvalues. And by cellphone or another money window in your hand.Of course risk free. You and me, we become independents of luxury financial systems.In business matter we prefer the performance better smelling. By the away, the classic economy 3G, changes in 4G. And 4G3W, because the new generation communication motors as cellphones screens we do standing up. You will find solution for yours economic performance and this is the solution of the world economic problems. Speake about with the World Economic Forum. In Davos they must think about ...they need 1 idea. Suscribirse a Marca-tu-dinero@ Correo electrónico: Ver archivos en groups.google.es

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Naruto's dedicated



Is the 4G3W Economy going away from the public ?

The thing is on the hands of the Congress, under the word attention. Our Internet, we the world public, we would like to keep it free, not only to be free. The Internet is now for you and me, b-cause you and me, we look, we think and we make free. That's why the Internet becames one powerfull instrument to be,to stand,to create. Now i'm with the 4th economic gesture over the money. Nobody knows what is this "thing". Even if the Silicon Intelligence doesn't understand. But look, why we must stay around 3 economics choices : to save,to spend,to invest ! As i find one subtitute to the investment, now we begin to datevalue the money, as fouth choice over free money, out of the control of every market. We-do-mark-our-money, because is the best performance we can get in our economics life. We are starting with the New Economy 4G3W. For the humanity.Like as Tim Berner's Lee with his creation of the wonderful Internet.But it must be free, for everybody. Thank you Congress of the United States, by now, you and me are working together : www.ItsOurNet.org. http://www.house.gov. http://groups-beta.google.com/group/googlepolicy/subscribe Author, Filipe Alves Ferreira (1942) Follow : biotope ; groupReflect ; BlogBloke.com:


4G3W screens pushing Silicon's Mamouth genesis

4G3W screens push Silicon’s Mamouth genesis Excluding Sony + Nokia as depending of Microsoft + Motorola, Filipe Alves Ferreira says early wenesday morning by MSN Spaces and little latter by BW On Line & Lycos. 4G3W screens rights & technics, for the application of the 4th economic gesture to datevalue the money, are the must of one of the biggest Silicon make makers. The thing is about "You-do-mark-You-money" and "I-do-mark-My-money" by personal screen in the communication motors and around the world.Mojo this pageSwiss Blog.


Better than bank-money

What is the nature of the webmoney 4G3W ? When you datevalue your bank-money it becames your webmoney 4G3W.
Your webmoney, your netmoney, your new money in the New Economy 4G3W. To obtain webmatic plusvalues. You relax, because is cash & free. 4G it is because when you datevalue, you choice the 4th gesture upon the money. After the 1st. one - to spend, the second gesture is to save and the 3th gesture- is to invest the money, this three gestures where the choice to do the classic economy. 3W it is because when you datevalue, you mark your money on the web, WWW. After all kind of banks and after all kind of markets, the new field to do money is the 4G3W economic space. Your own. That's why as a datevalors, you mark it because you take cashcodes for absolut cash. When you can take it, when you like to datevalue over your screen. Less or more than others before you. You mark more or less money, at your moment catching for your own the webmatic productions factors, that where free. Free of owner. Waiting for who can datevalue into webmatic process by now. Because you mark your money on the web with the date you could get. This date that you touch for you upon your bank-money, is a special one. Because a lot of production factors were free and selected with this date in the field 4G3W. It becames your property, not your credit. B-cause on webproduction factors, not just script on a banker account. Your economic 4G3W property stays for you, only for yoy, on yours datevalors webaccount, so long as you wish. So great as you can. Because so many times you must revert and return in cash bank-money. This is to mark back anf you must do outdatevalue. Because you where indatevalue. 100% free. 5/5. Of course : When your order webmoney datefree it becames cash money-bank. By 100%.Mojo this pageSwiss Blog.

Windows Mobile may win the :"you-do-mark-your-money"

It's "i-do-mark-my-money" too, by screen 4G3W. Depending of Sonny, Nokia, Google, Vodafone and others "petits suisses" ! The New Tech allows to datevalue the money on-line4G3W-owner-datevalors-account.In the near future "You-do-mark-your-money" and "I-do-mark-my-money", b-cause it is for the biggest utility in your economic live.But first of all, the matter is on the hands of the Central Banks Worldwide.As soon as possible, the new motor to push individual savings is there under some rights reserved at the conception. But the moon is also for everybody.Nokia is a big nature. Connecting people...but without money on the screen ? I dont believe it. Business is going on : _connecting people & linking-marked-money_. Out of the market ! For you b-cause, it is cash by phone and : Out of any risk ! The New Economy 4G3W If you get a new economic space where performing your economic live by a new gesture upon the money,you can resolve your personal economy. And by the way it is the world economic solution. Out of World Economic Forum in the yearly Symposium at Davos. Of course, first of all it was necessary to find a type of production that appears to be on a very short cycle & different of the classics: Liquidity-inversion-production-incoming-Liquidity I propose first of all, to understand this question, that i know : Liquidity-production-Liquidity or Cash-production-Cash Within investment ; within any risk .

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