Defending my money : I mark it 4G3W

Come to the New Economy 4G3W First of all we may understand what is that goal : If in classic economy we must choice to allow the money for one of three fields : 1 To save, for security ;2 To spend, for enjoy the life ;3 To invest, for reproduction we stay limited, because these fields dont share between them. If you have 1€ you must choice in what of the fields you put it. If you need the cocktail, what not-mistake can you do ? Now the solution is "to datevalue" the money. It means : "you-do-mark-your-money" marking it with the better date that you get. This, when you put it in the general economy ( you are sharing your economic power..eh!!!). Because you want keep your cash force and when you call it, you must need a normal profit. A real profit for you. Not an interest in rate basis, because that is under the wave. Bank savings dont go ! Now : With this 4th economic gesture that is a substitut of the investment, you get the cocktail of the 3 old economic gestures. Because you get plusvalues over the cash & you roll-cash-over-webmatic-plusvalues. And by cellphone or another money window in your hand.Of course risk free. You and me, we become independents of luxury financial systems.In business matter we prefer the performance better smelling. By the away, the classic economy 3G, changes in 4G. And 4G3W, because the new generation communication motors as cellphones screens we do standing up. You will find solution for yours economic performance and this is the solution of the world economic problems. Speake about with the World Economic Forum. In Davos they must think about ...they need 1 idea. Suscribirse a Marca-tu-dinero@ Correo electrónico: Ver archivos en groups.google.es

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