The beta-investment is the cash !

Oh yes, the beta-investment, the mysterious substitute of the investment, is the cash. Because the money datevaluation is cashkeeping. The practice of the 4th economic gesture solve the classic economy limited at one way choice : to save, to spend or to invest. You must do with this.Three roads to compute your economic life.You loose your power because the 3 equations are one against the other and not linked. In 4G3W New Economy when you datevalue,you enter 10€ of your money just marked now with your economic web moment. It means the moment you implement cash-keeping- cash in 4G3W. You push the economy but you stay cash, because you dont invest any money you just datevalue it. You just work with 2 buttoms as a choice left & right or (i dont need/i need), it means : cash-in/cash-out. And you add, + your communication motor (cellphone or others) + your economic moment in the web. I put and i call absolutely free when i want. Also if i prefer i take the automatic plusvalues. Because i do substitute the investment as i can do it. It must be,without any risk. My datevalors account is like this.Full stop ! And, ciao ciao banks and bankers. I'm just one datevalors. I'm just rolling-cash .Because i perform much better my economic life. Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

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