Why the cash become the substitute of the investment ?

The cash as substitute of the investment ? Because your world is connected. People is connected, you are connected. Your cash must be connected to delivery plusvalues like an investment but… cashkeeping of course. Because the world is on-line…you are on-line and you input by cellphone at your way. Like Frankie would do without care of investment risk. You let the investment action for professional job. Currently you prefer to datevalue your money by your own communication motor for the world. Directly you put or you call your own money-motor-moment. Yes, everything on the screen. Everybody with everything on the spot, at the market world wide. Who ? You too. Where ? In the new economic space 4G3W. If with my cash and just marking my money with the date of my economic action, I save, I enjoy and I win webmatic plusvalues, why should I to invest my money ?


Mister Martin said...

I don´t know but.......take a look at http://businessinventor.blogspot.com and you chanche your mind.
Because it´s brand New!! And a Revolution in the money market.

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