Your economic life going up for ever

Your economic life is going up for ever Because you-do-mark-your-money with your date. Marking your money with the best moment to join the Web Engine Automatic World Production. Very easy over your cellphone or another 4G3W screen. Nokia-Siemens, Yahoo-Google, Microsoft-Live or others. This is the best away to get the property of the webmatic personal production factors recorded in your 4G3W account. That personal production factors stay working for you, without any cost. Like a lucky websaving motor. Because when you datevalue your money, you take your datevalor in your datevalors account. Cashkeeping. Riskfree. Worldmatic connected action-to-action, money-for-money. -Well, ok…but me ?! You ? Look your 4G3W screen : .Ask where are your last profit & see your going up speed ; ..Take the tour of your Personal field , your datevalors account ; …Put, if you like to mark more money to increase yours webmatic production factors ; ….Call, if you like bank money converting for free with any tax ; …..Deal with the insurance of the web-security-belt, it means : only to win ! That’s why you prefer more-&-more to be a datevalor and less-&-less an investor. In the Classic Economy your action over the money where limited. The economic vitamine _ the plus values _was reserved for investors . Only the investment were able to produce such plus values at the end of the process liquidity-investment-production-invoicing-liquidity. Usually the quality and the security of the production factors stay a broke-head in the Classic Economy. That’s why you must change from the broking-head Classic Economy with the risk of the investment for plus values. And you must try the substitute of the investment for cool-head plus values in the Economy 4G3W. By screen you feel good because your economic live is going up for ever.

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