Is the 4G3W Economy going away from the public ?

The thing is on the hands of the Congress, under the word attention. Our Internet, we the world public, we would like to keep it free, not only to be free. The Internet is now for you and me, b-cause you and me, we look, we think and we make free. That's why the Internet becames one powerfull instrument to be,to stand,to create. Now i'm with the 4th economic gesture over the money. Nobody knows what is this "thing". Even if the Silicon Intelligence doesn't understand. But look, why we must stay around 3 economics choices : to save,to spend,to invest ! As i find one subtitute to the investment, now we begin to datevalue the money, as fouth choice over free money, out of the control of every market. We-do-mark-our-money, because is the best performance we can get in our economics life. We are starting with the New Economy 4G3W. For the humanity.Like as Tim Berner's Lee with his creation of the wonderful Internet.But it must be free, for everybody. Thank you Congress of the United States, by now, you and me are working together : www.ItsOurNet.org. http://www.house.gov. http://groups-beta.google.com/group/googlepolicy/subscribe Author, Filipe Alves Ferreira (1942) Follow : biotope ; groupReflect ; BlogBloke.com:

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